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VIBALT Challenge

An (almost) impossible mission to find a reliable partner

When outsourcing furniture production services, there is always a risk of receiving a low-quality product. Also, many furniture manufacturers aim to offer you the best price by choosing the cheapest materials. Furthermore, when chasing the best price, you are likely to sacrifice production or delivery deadlines. Finally, choosing a furniture manufacturing country from the bottom of the “Ease of Doing Business” list will always be risky.
However, we offer the cure

VIBALT Geography

Get your furniture in a timely manner from a European neighbor

VIBALT is a reliable B2B manufacturer of
carcass furniture for different business
industries. Currently, we are exporting our
production to these countries: the United
Kingdom, Ireland, France, Denmark, Norway,
Sweden, Finland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Latvia, and Estonia.

VIBALT Versatility

Choose VIBALT versatility
and get your quality fitted furniture now

With more than 20 years of experience, we
can produce quality contract furniture for
any industry, including yours.
  • Hotel Furniture
  • Residential Home Furniture
  • Bar Furniture
  • Restaurant Furniture
  • Conference Hall Furniture
  • Reception Furniture
  • Playroom Furniture
  • Book Store Furniture
  • Shop Furniture
  • Show Room Furniture
  • Showcase Island Furniture
  • Other Tailor-Made Furniture
  • Office Furniture
  • Office Kitchen Furniture
  • Lounge Furniture
  • Meeting Room Furniture
  • Conference room Furniture
  • Office Reception Furniture
  • Other Office Furniture
  • Bank Furniture
  • Salon Furniture
  • Reception Furniture
  • Other Service Area Furniture
  • Yes, we are ready to produce furniture for your industry now!

VIBALT Advantages

Why clients choose Vibalt
for their furniture production?

Cost-saving production management

With over 20 years of experience in furniture manufacturing, we truly understand the needs of your project. Our professional team will optimise furniture production to save your time and money.

Modern Machinery

Watch your furniture made easily with modern machinery from the world’s best brands like “HOMAG” or “Biesse” made in Germany, Spain, and Italy.

Certified Suppliers

Get the best build quality furniture for your real estate or business development, made only from optimal quality materials to last for decades.

Easy Furniture Prototyping

Get your furniture prototype quickly with a fully digitalized manufacturing process - from engineering with “TopSolid” software to materials processing and final product assembling.

Furniture Factory in the EU

Since we are located in Northern Europe (Lithuania), it is easy to talk to us and receive your finished furniture in days, not months.

Production versatility

Our furniture portfolio consists of more than 20 years of working for different types of businesses in various industries. We do understand the needs of your furniture projects.

VIBALT partners

Join the market leaders that trust VIBALT

Clients value our furniture build quality and our expertise in furniture production management in real estate projects. We specialize in working as partners for:

  • Project managers of real estate developers
  • Project managers of standardized furniture producers
  • Agents in the real estate development projects
  • Architects
  • Interior designers 

Happy Clients in

Different Countries

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During The Year 2020

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